12 Easy Wood Projects for Indoors and Outdoors

It is simple, fun, and rewarding to make things from wood. Have a great time experimenting and creating with these easy wood projects for the indoors and the outdoors. Create a stunning home filled with interesting objects when you learn how to work with wood. What’s more, it’s cheap and easy to work with wood when you use reclaimed and found wood.

12 Easy Wood Projects for Indoors and Outdoors

Take a look at these eye-catching ideas for indoor and outdoor woodwork. Which project is next on your to-do list?

Easy Wood Projects for Your Home and Garden

1) Simple Bird Box

12 Easy Wood Projects for Indoors and Outdoors

Attract more birds to your garden with a simple, attractive bird box made out of wood scraps. You can be very creative with your bird box design and make something memorable. Keep an eye out for interesting scraps of wood that you can combine to make your birds’ new home.

2) Raised Beds for the Garden

Raised beds are some of the simplest things you can create with reclaimed wood. And raised beds are also highly practical. Create a welcoming, functional garden even when you have very little space with raised beds. Use reclaimed timber or railway sleepers to create these beds.

3) Wall Planters

Add a burst of color to the outside of your home by filling wooden planters with bright flowers. Attach planters to the wall to create a vertical display. Create wooden wall planters with wicker and cane, or use lightweight wood for a more robust container.

4) Wooden Tea Light Holders

Make bowls and boxes to hold tea lights. Fill a handmade wooden bowl with coffee beans and place tea lights on top to make a distinctive outdoor or indoor centerpiece. The heat from the candle releases the scent of the coffee beans, making this a lovely way to fragrance the home.

5) DIY Bird Bath

Use scraps of wood to create a rustic bird bath. You can also use remnants from old urns and paint the bird baths with non-toxic paint.

6) Painted Garden Bench

The painted garden bench is a little more time-consuming, but this project gives great results. Create your garden bench using reclaimed wood, and then choose an attractive shade for the finishing touch. Painted benches are perfect for summer dining outdoors.

7) Basic Pallet Shelf

You can quickly create some great wood projects if you have a few spare pallets in your garage, including some pallet shelving. Simple pallet shelves are easy to make and still look really good.

8) DIY Garden Planters

A planter is one of the easiest DIY garden projects. Planters are perfectly practical and can also look stunning. Make your planters in various shapes and sizes to contain different plants and add to the rustic look of the garden.

9) Pallet Garden Table

Make a rustic garden table from reclaimed pallets. The design of a pallet garden table is simple and you can embellish it with interesting detail. You can make these pallet tables as eye-catching or as subtle as you wish, as small or large as you want.

10) DIY Tool Organizer

Make a tool organizer for the shed or the workroom with pallets and wood scraps. Create an organizer that hangs on the wall to save space and keep the room clutter-free.

11) Rustic Wind Chimes

One of the best sounds of the summer is the sound of light wooden wind chimes in the breeze. Make your own with some interesting pieces of wood sanded to achieve a smooth finish.

12) Beautiful Candle Holder

Find all kinds of offcuts and interesting pieces to create a rustic candlestick. You can make the base out of all kinds of objects, from metal bars to horseshoes.

Check out these easy wood projects for your next DIY inspiration!

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