13 Essential Woodworking Tools You Need for DIY

You only need a few woodworking tools to start off in DIY wood projects. The essential woodworking tools will help you create memorable projects out of new wood and scrap wood, and they are easily found. A basic set of woodworking tools allows you to start working with wood and experiment creating wooden objects for indoors and outdoors.

A set of good quality core tools will suit your needs on a variety of different projects. If you don’t have much money to spare, invest in the essential tools to get your woodworking journey off on the right foot.

1) Handsaw

A handsaw is pretty much the most essential piece of equipment when you are starting off in woodworking. You will obviously need a handsaw to get pieces of wood to the right size for your project needs. They are inexpensive and come in a variety of dimensions.

13 Essential Woodworking Tools You Need for DIY

2) Workmate or Workbench

When you are working on wood projects you need somewhere you can safely rest your wood, and a bench is ideal as it provides a level surface at the right height. As well as the bench you need a good selection of clamps for securing wood to the surface.

3) Combination Square

The combination square is an essential piece of kit and alongside it you need some pencils, a knife, a tape measure, and an awl for making marks. These are the essential pieces of kit you need for accurately measuring pieces of wood for cutting and shaping.

4) Marking Knife

It is better to use a marking knife than a pencil when you are marking locations on wood as it is easier to follow the line and it is more precise. It also gives you a good groove for starting a saw.

5) Circular Saw

Get a circular saw if you want a power tool that really helps you in your woodworking projects. If you are sticking with a hand saw, that’s fine, but a circular saw is useful for all kinds of woodworking projects.

6) Jigsaw

Again, a jigsaw is a good option if you want a power saw. It is a great tool to have on hand for detailed and intricate work and you will certainly make good use of it. It is more expensive than a standard saw but makes a good investment in a strong woodworking kit.

7) Power Drill

Get a high quality power drill and you’ll make your life a little bit easier in the long run. Make sure you also have the bits you need for the wood you are working on.

8) Hammer

Another essential, the humble hammer makes light work of woodworking projects. You will also need nails, of course.

13 Essential Woodworking Tools You Need for DIY

9) Power Jointer

The power jointer helps to flatten any rough faces on reclaimed wood. It is a useful tool as it cuts a lot of the preparation time taken for reclaimed wood projects, and it is a great way to straighten edges and create a smooth plane.

10) Bevel Gauge

Use a bevel gauge for accurately transferring angles – take angles from a plan to a work piece. These are also good for laying out dovetail joints.

11) Smoothing Plane

A smoothing plane is an essential tool for making surfaces blemish-free. It is a good tool to use once you have developed some excellent hand woodworking skills.

12) Card Scraper

Use a card scraper for smoothing out difficult grains, and also tidying up edges. These tools are cheap to buy and they will also last you for ages.

13) Chisels and Mallet

These essential woodworking tools are important for making the best possible wooden items you can from new wood or reclaimed wood. You can easily buy these tools from the hardware store and it is likely they will last you a long time.

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