15 Artistic Wood Projects for Your Home

Wood is a wonderful material for creating truly artistic DIY projects. Work with rustic wood to make these eye-catching, artistic wood projects for the bedroom, living room, study, and garden. Create stunning shelving, pictures frames, desk tidies, and more with just a few offcuts of wood or reclaimed wood. It’s cheap and easy to create something truly artistic in wood.

Take a look at these ideas for creating wooden pieces of art. Please let us know if you have a favorite project!

1) Picture Holders

Use small, sturdy blocks of wood with a slot cut in the top to display a photo. Decorate the blocks as you like with paint, spray paint, or collage.

2) Rustic Headboard

Create a rustic wood headboard from any reclaimed wood sheets that you can attach to the wall behind your bed. Look out for old barn wood or pallets for a country-style finish.

15 Artistic Wood Projects for Your Home

3) Wooden Desk Organizer

Simply cut blocks of wood to the right size and drill holes for pencils and pens. Decorate with embellishments or paint in bright block colors to create a stylish desk accessory.

4) Wood Slice Coasters

All you need to create this artistic wood project is a few logs. Slice them into thin slices and then decorate the surface with pretty pastel paint to create coasters for outdoors or inside.

5) Block Planters

Make small, perfectly formed blocks for planters. Decorate the outside of the blocks with a splash of bright color for a modern addition to the garden or the windowsill. You don’t need much wood and these planter blocks make great gifts.

6) Tree Branch Table

Create a small table made entirely out of felled tree branches, cut and placed together in a cube shape, with a wooden base and top. You can also create a foot stool this way, or an outdoor table.

7) Tree Stump Table

You can also make a wonderful table using just one log. Find a large and sturdy log and make sure it is finished nicely at the top and the bottom so that it stands stable. You can add varnish or paint to jazz it up a bit.

8) Pallet Shelves

These shelves are really trendy and you can easily make them with pallets, which are widely available at salvage yards. Stain or paint these shelves to match your décor or leave them natural.

9) Wood Pallet Bench

Create a wooden pallet bench for the hallway or the conservatory and create a shelf below where people can store their outdoor shoes. Again you can paint this bench if you want to fit it into your existing color scheme.

10) Personalized Cutting Board

A personalized cutting board is one of the easiest wood projects to make for the home, and it also makes a really nice housewarming gift. You can be artistic and creative with the design – use wood burning tools or cut out small portions of the board to create letters and designs on the tough wood block.

11) Simple Wood and String Organizers

Make a handy organizer for sunglasses or scarves by simply fixing a piece of wood to the wall and then adding bungee cord across the wood. This is an ideal project for a beginner DIY enthusiast.

12) Wooden Photo Frames

Slice small logs or twigs into round pieces and glue them to a standard photo frame to create interest and style. These wooden photo frames will suit any style of picture.

13) Rustic Jewelry Holder

Make a stylish jewelry holder to display necklaces and bracelets, and to keep them all organized.

15 Artistic Wood Projects for Your Home

14) Wooden Blocks

Make colourful wooden blocks for a child or as a gift to friends.

15) Twig Plant Markers

Simply shave some of the wood from the top of fat twigs to make plant markers. Write the name of plants on the shaved section so you know what is planted where – one of the best simple artistic wood projects.

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