2 Easy Wood Projects For Beginners

Wood Projects For Beginners: It’s always exciting to start up a new hobby. However, what sometimes happens is that unanticipated difficulties pop up, which can cause the once exciting new hobby to become a source of stress. This frequently occurs when people first start doing hobby woodworking. Don’t let this happen to you. Here are some easy wood projects for beginners that you can do to gain experience and build confidence.

Start Here With Wood Projects For Beginners

Wood Projects For BeginnersAn excellent wood project for beginners is to build a custom wooden headboard for the bedroom. You can make this even better by using salvaged barn wood to build it. You can buy this type of wood at reclaim stores and sometimes at salvage yards. If you’re lucky, you might even be able to score some free from a farmer who is removing an old barn.

Start by determining the size of the headboard that you need. Lay the boards out side by side, staggering the ends somewhat to give your headboard a bit more character. Mark the boards so that you’re cutting the center of the assembled wood pieces out. Remove the scrap pieces from the outer edges.

Cut legs from 1x4s, taking into account the distance from the floor to where the top of the headboard is to be located. Attach the 1x4s to hold the boards in place horizontally. Use some of your scrap wood to cover any seams between panels to strengthen your headboard. Sand the headboard to remove any splinters and rough edges, then finish with a flat, clear finish. Mount it to your bed frame, and you’re all done!

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You can decorate a wooden animal silhouette wall if you have some artistic skills or access something to trace. You can choose any silhouette that you’d like to use. For example, if your daughter loves horses, why not make a horse head silhouette to decorate her room with?

Reclaimed Wood Projects for Beginners

This is another wood project for beginners that reclaimed wood works great. Line up several 1×4 boards side by side, alternating their ends if you’d like. Using a pencil, trace a silhouette of a horse’s head on the center of the boards. Use some 1×4 pieces as bracing to hold the panels together. Cut the boards with a jigsaw so that you can cut along the curves of your tracing.

Wood Cubes

Use some of the cut-away pieces as braces over any seams where your boards meet to hold them together. Don’t worry about how unsightly it looks; nobody will see that side anyway. Sand and finish your silhouette. Apply your choice of stain color, or paint it in your daughter’s favorite color. Attach some picture hanging wire to the back of the horse’s head to hang on her bedroom wall.

You’ll be surprised at how well these two wood projects for beginners will turn out. It’s projects like these that turn passing interest into a long-standing hobby. Having completed these projects, you’ll have the confidence to take on more difficult ones.

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