5 Ideas for DIY Wood Projects For Beginners

Everyone’s creativity hits a snag at some point. Perhaps you’re just getting started in woodworking and you are already at a loss for project ideas. It happens to us all. Sometimes all you need are some ideas to get you started. Here are five suggestions for DIY wood projects for beginners that you can add to your “must-do” list.

woodworking wooden boxIt seems that there is always a need for another box. Wood boxes can be made in a multitude of sizes to meet just about any need, and they’re easy to build too! They have a simple shape and only require straight cuts, making them the perfect project for beginners. You’ll be able to build yours with only a few tools on hand. At most you might need some scrap wood, a drill, a saw, a sander, some clamps, a measuring tape, a small wood dowel, gorilla glue, and screws.

Another easy project to take on is to make a wooden candle holder. You’ll be able to make it with fewer materials and tools that you need for the wood box project. Essentially you can make a very attractive one with only a small log, a shaping tool, and a hand-drill. The one downside is that you may need to invest in a foster bit if you don’t already own one. They can be a bit pricey, but if you are active in woodworking for very long, you will find that it was an investment that was well spent.

If you have some old wood boards lying around that are destined for the burn pile, salvage one of them to transfer a family photo too. You won’t want to try this with a treasured photo the first time, but if you have one that you can let go of if something goes wrong, use it. All you have to do is prepare your wood board by cleaning and sanding it. Apply a gel medium and press your picture to it face down. Allow it to dry, then use wet the surface to remove the paper backing from the picture.

Build a custom couch for your man cave out of old pallets. They can be stacked together to form an L-shape, or in any configuration that you’d prefer. You are also able to make the couch taller or shorter than a standard couch by stacking more or fewer pallets. Cover them with some plywood and toss some cushions on them and voilà, you have a one-of-a-kind couch.

If you have bikes for everyone in the household, the chances are that you could use a good bike rack to park them in. You can build a bike rack from two wooden pallets that are suitable for parking up to 4 bikes. All you have to do is flip one over onto its backside, and place it on the ground, deck, or patio, about a foot away from a wall. Attach the other pallet to it with hinges, and lean it back against the wall. You can park bikes on it by placing tires between the slats.

These five DIY wood projects for beginners are just the tip of the iceberg for what kind of ideas that you could come up with. Use them to get yourself started again, then let your imagination go!

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