8 Ways to Be a Better Woodworker

8 Ways to Be a Better WoodworkerDo you want to be a better woodworker? Starting as a beginner in any craft is always hard, and the learning curve is steep, but there are some ways you can make the journey easier. Please find out how to be better at your craft and, crucially, enjoy it to the utmost.


Here are some useful tips for beginner woodworkers and even those more experienced in the craft. Have fun, be creative, and get better results with these tactics.

How to Be a Better Woodworker

1) Plan Your Woodworking Projects

It is tempting to want to head straight into the most complicated and showstopping projects first. But it is better to stick to simpler projects until you have built up some skills. It helps prevent you from becoming discouraged or disappointed. Make your early projects simple yet effective and appealing. No one wants to labor away on a basic box that looks terrible once finished. But it is also not a good idea to try a whole patio set when you are still learning the basics of your craft.

2) Choose Your Wood Well

Your projects will only be as good as the wood you choose to make them from. That doesn’t mean you have to have the most expensive wood on the planet. But it would help if you learned how different woods are suitable for different projects. Use the right tools for the right wood. The more you learn about the different types of wood and their uses, the better you will create wood projects.

3) Get the Best Tools

Again, this doesn’t mean that you should spend the most money possible on tools. But it does mean that you should use the tools for the job and use quality tools. Your work will be stunted if your tools are not up to scratch. Therefore it is important to invest in the basics to make your projects look so much better. Also, bear in mind that high-quality, versatile tools will be better for you than more expensive tools that aim to guide you as you work. You ultimately want to develop your own skills, so you become a better woodworker.

4) Get Some Education

With such a wealth of information and tutorials out there, both online and in the real world, it would be a shame to neglect this part of your journey to become a better woodworker. Always keep learning. But remember that learning takes many forms, and there are always many different techniques for the same processes. Find what works for you.

5) Invest in Your Craft

If you love woodworking, then invest time and money in your hobby. You are ultimately bringing objects of beauty into the world. And the craft itself is valuable for your self-esteem and your happiness.

6) Avoid Pointing Out Your Mistakes

8 Ways to Be a Better Woodworker

Don’t make the mistake of pointing out your mistakes to other people. Many woodworkers like to show others how they went wrong, but this draws people’s eyes to the defects. Avoid talking about mistakes in a piece of work and focus on the positives. Of course, you notice and learn from the mistakes, but no one else needs to know.

7) Have Confidence and Faith

Know your skills and work, and believe that you will be able to make your project succeed. It is much better to work confidently and skillfully than hedge your bets and end up with a substandard project. You gain so much more when you put your heart and your belief into a project.

8) Practice, Practice, Practice

Of course, the best way to be a better woodworker is to practice your skill at every opportunity. And make sure that every practice session is high quality – this will really make a difference to your skills.

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