Delve In Deeper: Woodworking Machines

Woodworking machines are used by a lot of professional woodworkers because they are very precise. The only fallback might be that they are normally heavy and large, so they are not portable. This means they are not often found on job sites, but they are the tools that are usually found in the shops of professionals. They are very useful that a woodworker is going to be more than willing to build every project in his workshop if it means that he will be able to use these power tools.

One good example of this is when the task is to build custom cabinets to be installed in the bathroom, kitchen, garage or utility room that is off-site. It is more likely that it is going to be built off-site because it is easier to use the machines for it. They are mostly very versatile, so they are often used in woodshops. A lot of professionals have been using these machines for the longest time. Let us delve in deeper into the world of woodworking machines by knowing the most common woodworking machines and getting to know more about woodworking itself.

Woodworking Machines

Woodworking Tools

There are a lot of different woodworking machines that are available in the market out there. It is only a matter of getting to know each machine, where to use them and how they function that should be able to help you out to figure which ones would be useful for you in the long run. See, even if you are a beginner, you should be able to figure out which ones you should be eyeing for when you get to have your own wood shop in the future. After all, thinking ahead isn’t always a bad thing. Here are some machines that you should really get to know more about.

Table Saw

Table saws are known to be the center of wood shops. This is because there are so many tasks that can be done using them. Thus, usually, the shop is designed around the table saw. Table saws are very large machines so that if you plan on buying one in the future for your woodshop, the layout of the place should be revolving around it so that you would not have a hard time adjusting things.

For a table saw to be considered of good quality and in return be deemed as a good investment, it must have the following properties: it must be large, it must have a heavy-duty table, and it must have a solid fence along with a stout motor. These are just some of the features that you should take note of when you purchase one in the future. It is not just a matter of buying one but thoroughly checking the features so that you can make sure you will be putting your money in the right place.

Drill Press

Another versatile woodwork machine is the drill press. It is because of its size that it is normally only found in woodshops. While most machines are like that when it comes down to it, you will always have to consider how to revolve your woodshop around the machines if you have plans on getting more than one power tool.

The most popular feature of the drill press is boring holes into your wood stock, as per the traditional manner. However, it can also be used for a lot of things like drilling precise type of holes in different angles as well as offset press, drum sander and a whole lot more. It is not an easy tool to handle, but with proper practice, you should be able to use it properly and expertly. After all, practice helps anyone to be better, and through it, anyone can improve in anything the same way practicing drill press use will help a person become a better user of the said thing.

Arm Saw

A lot of woodworkers love arm saws, especially the radial one because it provides the user with different benefits in the long run. The good thing is the tasks that would usually need a couple of tools can be handled alone by this one. This helps to save money, to make things a whole lot easier for the user and to save space in the workroom as well since if it is able to do things that need two or three tools, you can forego of the tools and just opt to buy this one.


One of the best tools for milling flats or making sure that the sides of your board will be even is the jointer. It is one of the machines that are perfect for the part of milling the surface. This comes in a lot of different sizes and shapes but is all used for the same purposes. It is a matter of choosing which jointer would suit your shop the best that is going to be your biggest struggle. However, if you know your shop well, then you would easily be able to figure things out.

Band Saw

Of all the available woodworking tools there are, the easiest thing to use for cutting curves that are very precise would be the band saw. In addition to being able to cut those smooth curves, it is also the ideal one to use for cutting wide strips from the stock as well as resawing it too, if you want things to be kept at a manageable size that you can use for your woodworking projects.

You can also use it if you want to make some good cuts which would be typically reserved for a table saw or arm saw. You just have to get really familiar with things to make sure that you would get exactly what you want to get from this machine. It would do you good to watch videos online about the proper usage of the item as well.

Surface Planer

There are times when your boards will be too thick for your liking or for your needs so it would be necessary to plane it down to the right thickness. For this ask, what you should use is a surface planer as it is a tool that was made to rip even layers of your stock off the board’s surface.

It would allow you, the woodworker to be able to size down boards of any size at ease down to the right size for your project. This is one of the most useful types of tool for your shop, so this is definitely something you should consider getting.

CNC Wood Router

This is a tool that creates various objects from your wood. CNC means computer numerical control and woodworking CNC is indeed very beneficial to have in your shop. It works on the 3D coordinate plane system which has X, Y, and Z-axes. The project can easily be designed using a computer through CAM/CAD program and then it can easily be cut using a router and cutters in order to produce a finished product.

This machine is great for engineer prototyping, development of specific wood products, art, and hobbies. Some of the advantages of this would include its consistent product quality, high amount of productivity, a high degree of its automation, and the fact that it is very easy to implement as well.

Belt Sanders

Belt sanders are specifically good as well as it is very powerful, and it is quick to remove different materials. It is ideal when you want to even surfaces or when you want to strip off any coatings on decks or on floors.

It is good for the small projects that you want to do especially on fixing up things such as a chair that you treasure a lot or giving your chest drawers a second chance. The best thing about it is that it is not that heavy but it is very powerful, so it really makes things a whole lot better by having this particular tool in your shop.

Miter Saws


Woodworking Tips

This one is a saw that is used to make crosscuts of high accuracy in your workpieces. This type of saw is usually known as drop saws as well as chop saws. It is usually used for cutting and trimming of molds. Though this is a power tool, it is actually very small and portable, having blade sizes of about eight inches to twelve.

One thing that distinguishes this tool would be the so-called miter index which allows the user to change the angle of the blade in order to match the fence.

Dovetail Machines

This specific machine makes it easier and faster for the woodworker to produce half-blind dovetail type of joints. It is outfitted with clamps and stops so that you can insert boards that have been pre-cut easily, use the clamps to hold them in place and then just start with the cutting.

It has the ability to cut about two joints simultaneously and produce 4 sided types of drawers if everything else has been prepared well. It has a lot of features which include steel stand, adjustable spindle, linear guides, magnetic switch and more.


This specific machine is used to cut out rectangular holes or square in timber. There is a lot of different type of mortisers, and one of the most popular is the square chisel mortiser which is like a drill press but cuts out squares instead of circles. There is also the horizontal mortiser which has a router that helps to produce loose tenons.

Besides the two, there is also a chain mortiser that are commonly used for successive plunging of workpieces. The one that you will need depends on what type of project you will be working on, but it would be good to have any of the three on hand in your workshop.

Panel Saws

Besides the previous saws discussed, there is also a panel saw which is practically a saw machine that would cut your wood into different sizes. It can be horizontal or vertical, depending on what you want but vertical are more popular since they save the user more space.

Horizontal versions usually have a large table filled with table saws that has a sliding feed type of table so ta the feed table is able to slide smoothly to produce sheets of wood. On the other hand, the vertical versions have two types on it, the low-cost one and the higher cost one. Both travel the shorter side of your sheet, and that is called as cross-cutting. It is up to you to pick the one that you prefer better and would love to try out to buy.

Woodworking Tools For Sale

These woodworking tools are going to be a big help to your woodshop in the future and looking for where the tools are for sale is definitely not a bad idea at all. The prices range from low ones to high ones, and if you find yourself rethinking about buying one, you just have to tell yourself that this is an investment as each machine is bound to last for a long time.

It is by making sure that you have picked the one that suits you the most that will be the worst struggle as well as how to fit it in your shop layout, but it can easily be adjusted later on, so do not worry and just browse to have an idea about things.

Woodwork Supplies

There are a lot of different woodworking machines & supplies that a woodworker might need, and this would include your wood, your machines and other things that you need when you plan on doing a project. Making sure you always have some stock in your workshop is going to be one of the things you have to remember all the time as that will be helpful in the future.

The good thing about woodwork is that once you have invested so much and have done your part, it would leave you with a satisfactory feeling. This is especially through after you look at the different projects you have done.


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