How to Do 11 Simple Wood Projects + Video For Your Home

It’s simple and quick to create something memorable from wood. Take a look at these simple wood projects for gifts and for brightening up your own home. Work on quick and easy wood projects using scrap wood and reclaimed wood. Make your kitchenware and home decoration easy with time and enthusiasm. You’ll find most beginner wood projects easy to handle and effective.

Take a look at some woodworking ideas for simple wood projects that look great around the home and in the garden.

1. Elegant Wood Knife Block

There are many ways to create a solid and sturdy knife block for the kitchen. Use a whole piece of natural wood like a log, sanded and smoothed. Or create a more industrial-style knife block using a solid piece of plank wood.

How to Make 11 Simple Wood Projects For Your Home

2. Picture Frames

A rustic and artisan picture frame is one of the best gifts you can craft from wood. Look online for various examples of how you can create a wooden picture frame from all kinds of scrap wood. Picture frames are inexpensive to make and produce great gifts.

3. Wooden Salt and Pepper Shakers

It is easy to create a pair of simple block salt and pepper shakers with just a few tools and some small pieces of wood. You can make the shakers tapered shape and add the essential holes at the top for the condiments. To finish, varnish the shakers or use a soft wax to produce a shiny finish.

4. Spatulas and Handles for Kitchen Tools

Create some lovely wooden kitchen utensils when you have access to a lathe. Wooden spatulas are a simple project for the kitchen, and you can also create wooden handles for metal utensils such as barbeque forks and slotted spoons. They are incredibly unique when color blocks are added to the end. You can also add artisan carved detail for added effect if you have a little experience with wood projects.

5. Wood Dresser Tray

Make a wooden dresser tray for jewelry or other items. Craft a shallow box with compartments and add a nice varnish to the finish for a stylish gift or something you can use in your bedroom or kitchen. These also work well for silverware trays.

6. Wooden Christmas Tree Ornaments

Create some memorable holiday ornaments from scratch using small pieces of wood that are carved or cut into holiday shapes. With these ornaments, you can be as artistic or straightforward as you like. Silhouettes of faces and holiday characters are particularly effective.

7. Beautiful Serving Tray

Use some stunning pieces of wood, expertly sanded and finished, to create a serving tray you will be proud to display at your next dinner party. In addition, add handles to ensure it is easy to carry and use.

8. Sweet Lidded Boxes

Make small, useful boxes containing sweets, jewelry, or other treasures. You can give these away or keep them for storing things on your dressing table.

How to Make 11 Simple Wood Projects For Your Home

9. Wooden Butter Board Set

Create a butter board with a matching spreader for a nice gift you can easily craft in a day. It also makes an excellent addition to your own home for use when you have visitors.

10. Simple Napkin Holders

Create a unique set of simple napkin holders to add a touch of style to the dining table. Use offcuts of wood to keep the costs low on this simple DIY work project. Attractive wood makes the best napkin rings.

11. Wooden Coasters

Use rings of reclaimed wood to make some stunning coasters that look superb on the coffee table. Use your imagination to carve detail into the circular coasters, and you can add a smooth varnish to finish them off – one of the quickest simple wood projects to complete.

Simple Wood Projects Video ☟

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