3 Easy Wood Projects To Sell With Scrap Wood

There is just something special about working with wood, that once you try it, it’s hard ever to turn back. If you’ve been thinking of taking up woodworking as a hobby, be forewarned that you’re going to be hooked on your first project. Here are three easy wood projects to sell that anybody can do, even if you’ve never held a saw!

Try This Easy Wood Projects To Sell

Easy Wood Projects to sellIf you live in the country, then there is a good chance that you have some scrap pieces of wood stacked in a woodpile waiting to be burned. Maybe you even have some old horseshoes destined for the landfill. Why not turn them into a beautiful candle holder that is suitable for display in your home?

Start with a piece of rough-cut 4×4. Cut it to a 3-foot length. Decide how many candles you want it to hold, and mark off the center of each hole that you’ll need to drill out. Once your holes are drilled and the edges to a smooth finish and remove any burrs and imperfections left behind by your drill. Nail the horseshoes to the sides of the piece of wood, and finish it with some wood stain or paint.

You’d be surprised by all the things that you can make out of a piece of scrap wood. What about a dock station for an iPad? Wood adds so much character to everything, and this wooden dock station will be so much more special because you made it yourself.

All you need is a piece of 2×4 and a little wood varnish. Cut the piece of wood to whatever length that you prefer, and mark off where you want to cut a slot for your iPad to sit in. Set your router for whatever angle you prefer to make it easy to view your screen and make the cut. Drill out a circle so that you can reach the home button when the iPad is in the docking station, and you’re all ready to finish your project with a little varnish to give it that polished look.

Easy Wood ProjectsIf you’ve been trying to figure out a better way to store your bottles of wine until you are ready to drink them, why not build yourself an easy wine shelf? This is another great project for putting some scrap wood to good use, or you can buy a wooden plank just for this project.

Cut the plank to a length of 36 inches—Mark off the locations for your holes, about 4 inches apart. Use an angled drill press to drill them out at a 30-degree angle. Sand the wood to a smooth finish, and complete your project with the stain of your choice. Hang the shelf on the wall using L brackets, and insert your wine bottles by inserting the necks into the holes.

Give these three easy wood projects to sell a try. Once you’ve completed them, you won’t want to stop coming up with interesting ideas for masterpieces to turn your pile of scrap wood into.

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