Three Woodworking Ideas To Make Money In Sub-Niches

Building wood crafts to earn money on them can be tricky if you live in an area with a lot of competition. Sometimes, it’s best to steer away from some of the most popular wood crafts to build, such as birdhouses, and focus on less competitive niches. If you’re finding it difficult to attract customers in your market, try using some of these woodworking ideas to make money.

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Walking Sticks and Canes

The first thing that comes to mind for wood crafts to sell may not be walking sticks and canes, yet there is a vast demand for them. It’s estimated that nearly 40 million Americans over 65 need them. This is an often overlooked niche for woodworkers that you could take advantage of to earn more money.

Walking sticks and canes have become a fashion statement for people who have to use them. They purchase the ones that appeal to their sense of identity and style. Try to design walking sticks with intricate details built into the design. For additional appeal, use rare or exotic woods, and offer to customize canes for each buyer.

Cutting Boards

Another often overlooked niche is cutting boards. Home cooking has grown in popularity to bring the family together when we live constantly connected through our devices. This creates a massive demand for quality cutting boards.

People like to buy and use things that appeal to their senses. Plastic cutting boards are not generally aesthetically pleasing, which is why wood cutting boards are so popular. Build yours from solid pine, which makes attractive, durable panels built to last. Attract more customers by offering to build custom boards designed to fit within the buyer’s home decor.

Picture Frames

The metal and plastic frames included with most prints that people buy are dull and uninteresting. Even the most straightforward designed wood frame adds character to any painting. This makes them popular for people who want to add interest to a room without making many changes.

You should diversify your frames to appeal to a wide range of people. Offer structures ranging from very simple to those with extravagant designs, and use a variety of stains and varnishes to finish them. This woodworking project will never go stale because there are endless designs you can come up with, limited only by your imagination.

These three woodworking ideas to make money will help to give you an edge over your competition. There is always a demand for wood products; sometimes, it’s just a matter of getting yourself into a sub-niche to make the money you want. Don’t discount any ideas of your own. Give them a try. You might be surprised!

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